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  1. I am a queer, third-generation Korean American writer+activist based in Los Angeles, by way of Dallas, TX. I write screenplays and novels. I love watching and writing in the teen/coming-of-age genre. I've written on GOOD TROUBLE (Freeform), ATYPICAL (Netflix), and a to-be-announced Netflix TV adaptation of a book by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (NICK & NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST). I’m very excited to currently be writing a pilot with MAKEREADY Studio and developing features with Disney+ and Issa Rae’s ColorCreative.

  2. I finished up a master's degree at USC in Writing for Screen and Television in 2017.

  3. Before that, I was at Pomona College ('14) studying French and Media Studies. I tried out many clubs and none of them worked out!!! (my own fault, "finding myself," etc.)

  4. Through it all, I've worked for NPR, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, the CW, CollegeHumor, Southern California Public Radio 89.3 KPCC, KCET Los Angeles + more

  5. I am very lucky to be repped by UTA and by Scott Halle at Gramercy Park Entertainment. You can contact him here.


MODEL MINORITY // Coming of Age Original Dramedy Pilot

winner - 2018 CAPE New Writers Fellowship 

The teenaged children of an overachieving Korean family deal with their conflicting views on their own sexuality and the pressure of their parents to conform and succeed while they navigate the complicated world of a suburban high school in Dallas, Texas.

INTERNATIONAL HAUS // Mutli-camera Sitcom Pilot


When cool guy Henry Han agrees to restore his tycoon father's old fraternity in order to fully inherit his fortune he feels he's brokered a great deal for himself... until he discovers it's full of misfit international students who don’t want anything to do with him.

THE LEVEE // Historical Drama Pilot

Two mixed-race sisters on the run do their best to survive and ascend in the Levee District in turn-of-the-century Chicago, turning to prostitution, drug dealing, and even murder in order to gain power and maintain their cloak of secrecy.



HOW TO SURVIVE ANYTHING // Coming-of-Age Dramedy Feature


Fourteen-year-old overachiever Holly Chu has the perfect life-- until her parents tell her they are separating. Blindsided, Holly redirects all of her energy into skipping school, acquiring wilderness survival tactics, and wrangling in the new loserboy in town into creating her chef d'oeuvre: an illustrated manual that teaches you, well, how to survive anything.

WESTMINSTER, CA // Historical Family Dramedy Feature

Finalist - 2017 Humanitas Carol Mendelsohn Drama Fellowship

Quarterfinalist - 2017 Scriptapalooza Screenplay competition

After the Fall of Saigon in 1975, four Vietnamese sisters evacuate to America and attempt to build new lives by starting a nail salon while dealing with arranged marriages, racial tensions, and keeping their family together as they search for a better future in Westminster, California-- home to what will become the country's most prominent Little Saigon.

COLORFUL NOTES // Coming-of-Age Musical Comedy Feature

Hana Chung has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon that causes her to see waves and splashes of color when she hears music, allowing her to compose astounding musical works. When she secretly enrolls in a prestigious music competition for gifted students, working-class Hana is forced to choose between pursuing her songwriting dreams and her obligation to help her father keep their struggling family business afloat.


read writing ASAP

past! - Present!

Paper Darts - "Drawing Class" 

Art For Ourselves - "6 Graphic Novels by Women of Color for Your Consideration"

USC School of Cinematic Arts - "How To Survive Anything" [Act One]

The Squawkback - 1/30/14 - 1/31/14  (<-- this was from a dark time please don't judge me)

AND I am very proud of an online feminist zine I created/edited/existed from 2015-2016!! We published 3-5x a week and had a group of 40+ womyn contributors, many repeating.


- FULL 6-PART MUSICAL SERIES coming MAy 2019 ! -

COMING SOON: CJ and Lauren are bandmates and best friends, but everything changes when CJ entangles their upstart punk band with a commercial record label giant...

Written/directed/created by Lauren Moon and cj ballesteros


or: i went to film school so yes, i have a reel  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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books by women of color
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University of Southern California

Graduated May 2017

Pomona College

Graduated May 2014


2018 CAPE new writers TV fellow

2017 Humanitas fellowship in drama finalist

2017 Upright Citizens brigade theatre's thomas angel foundation recipient

2017 scriptapalooza feature Quarterfinalist

2017 USC Graduate department prize


Email: laurenjmoon [at] gmail
Instagram: @laurenjmoon
Address: los angeles, ca